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Scanning Process

It typically takes 30-40 minutes for every 1,000 square feet. Each individual scan takes about 1 minute.

You do not need to provide anything for us to make the virtual tour. Everything in our virtual tours are created digitally.

Please have the space in a condition suitable for scanning before the scheduled appointment. We would prefer to not spend time during the appointment cleaning or rearranging furniture.

Please provide instructions in the appointment scheduling form on how to access the property.

You are not required to be on site while we scan the property. The scanning process is very time consuming and most real estate professionals either provide a lockbox code or unlock the property themselves then leave us to complete our work.

Before the scanning begins, decide which rooms and spaces will be included in the model. We open doors and turn on lights as we go to to create a consistent space suitable for scanning. Once the scanning begins, it is best to not have anyone in the area to avoid accidentally featuring YOU in the virtual tour. Please be aware that it is a very time consuming process which often takes a few hours to complete. We are very thorough in our approach to ensure that we provide the best quality model the technology allows.

All of the data captured by the camera is uploaded into the cloud to be processed. This typically takes 24 hours. Once the model is ready to go, we will send you a link to view your model along with an HTML code (iframe) which can be embedded directly into a website similar to embedding a YouTube video.

We will do everything we can to ensure that the model is complete and accurate the first time. Occasionally we must return to re-scan parts of the home. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your model, we will re-scan the space at no additional charge.

Our 3D cameras use High-Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDR) allowing the camera to adjust to changes in light so both light and dark areas can be captured at the same time. This means that a space is good for scanning even on cloudy days. As long as there is interior lighting, the finished project will look as good as a model created on a sunny day.

Should you need to cancel, please do so more than 24 hours before the appointment to avoid an additional fee.

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